13th June 2018

My Top Tips for choosing your Perfect Wedding Photographer

With so many super talented wedding photographers around it can be quite daunting knowing how to find the one that best suits you & your wedding day. There is so much choice nowadays that there will probably be more than just the one that fits your brief perfectly. My top tips for choosing your very own Perfect Wedding Photographer might help if you are currently looking for a wedding photographer.

What’s Your Style

Really think about what type of pictures you’d both like. Do you prefer an all natural, non-posed, as the day unfolds almost journalistic approach to your pictures? Or would you rather have a more traditional style with some posed *look into the camera* shots? Are you looking for super artistic Fine Art pictures? Or would you prefer your photographer to be more of a real story teller? Is it important for you to have an award-winning photographer on board? Or are you quite happy with the one that is just super passionate about your day? Once you have decided on your style things should already become a little easier.

What Budget for your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Out of all of your suppliers, your photographer is more than likely to spend the most time with you on your wedding day. Their dedication and hard work on the day will make sure you’re left with priceless memories and heirlooms that will remain in the family for generations to come. It is probably fair to say that the more money you spend on your Perfect Wedding Photographer the better you’ll look on your wedding pictures :)

Couple Portraits

Next, it’s time to start looking at a photographer’s work in more detail. A beautiful couple shot is absolutely essential for most couples. If at all possible your Perfect Wedding Photographer should happily whisk you away at different times during the day to capture some beautiful pictures against beautiful backdrops. Do you prefer a photographer that captures your connection & intimacy? Or maybe you are more interested in dramatic (flashed) shots? You might want to bring some fun to the table. Or maybe you just want things to unfold naturally. Whichever portrait style suits you best – make sure you go with a photographer whose personality matches yours nicely and that can bring your (or their) vision to life.

North Wales Wedding Photographer post wedding shoot in North Wales real couple

Llangollen Wedding Photographer

Oswestry Wedding Photographer

Langley Abbey Wedding Photographer

bride wearing 2-piece wedding dress and groom wearing bow tie at sunset

Blackpool Wedding Photographer

Haslingden Wedding Photographer

Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Langley Abbey Wedding Photographer

Palm House Sefton Wedding Photographer

Vale Country Club Wedding Photographer

Lake District Wedding Photographer

Llangollen Wedding Photographer

Family and/or Group Shots

These are the pictures a lot of your family members – particularly parents & grandparents – will treasure forever. It’s probably not often that everybody gets together, all at the same place and at the same time & all dressed to the nines :) A good wedding photographer should not mind setting these up and will be able to whizz through various set-ups in half hour or less. Which means more time for you to party with your guests! They needn’t look awkward either – just ask your Perfect Wedding Photographer to show you some examples to make sure you’re happy with their style.

Langley Abbey Wedding Photographer

Rossett Hall Wedding Photographer

Tyn Dwr Wedding Photographer

Blackpool Wedding Photographer

Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Langley Abbey Wedding Photographer

family group shot taken during wedding in Cheshire

It’s all in the details

You’ve spent a lot of time (and money!) on getting all your little details right! And so it’s only fair that your Perfect Wedding Photographer takes time to document these, too. It is really surprising how quickly you forget what things look like so every now & then it’s nice to pull out some pictures and remember all the glorious details of your beautiful wedding day.

Palm House Wedding Photographer

North Wales Wedding Photographer at Tyn Dwr Hall

The Quay Hotel Wedding Photographer

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer

Manchester City Wedding Photographer

Trevor Hill Barns Wedding Photographer

Holt Lodge Wedding Photographer close-up of wedding rings on branch

Langley Abbey Wedding Photographer

How does your Perfect Wedding Photographer handle low light?

It’s easy to find great light during the summer season but I would also suggest making sure your Perfect Wedding Photographer knows how to handle low light situations. This applies particularly if you plan to get married in Autumn, Winter or Spring when great light is sometimes hard to find. There are so many different ways to light a dance floor, for example, you just want to make sure you’re a little in love with how your photographer handles it.

Babs Boardwell North Wales Wedding Photographer sparkler shot with bridal couple looking into the camera

Haslingden Wedding Photographer

North Wales Wedding Photographer bridal couple on the dancefloor

married couple in front of Eaves Hall lit and backlit with flash

DIY Wedding Photographer

Langley Abbey Wedding Photographer

Liverpool Wedding Photographer

first dance at Cheshire wedding

Hazlewood Wedding Photographer

Once you have found your Perfect Wedding Photographer and you have sent them an enquiry specifying your chosen date, they will usually ask you to pay a (mainly non-refundable) booking fee to hold your date. They will also ask you to complete a booking form and send you their contract. If you’re happy with their T&Cs – don’t delay in booking and paying the booking fee or you may lose the date to someone else! The remainder of the balance is usually due at some point before your wedding day. Some photographers also include a complimentary pre-wedding shoot prior to your wedding day, which is a good way to connect before the big day.

If you are getting married and are looking for a wedding photographer, I’d love to hear from you! Simply connect with me on my Contact Me page – would love to hear all about your exciting plans! xoxo

Babs Boardwell Photography is a North Wales Wedding Photographer based not far from Llangollen in beautiful North Wales. I offer contemporary wedding & elopement photography across the whole of the UK with a mainly natural & journalistic approach.

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