I'm a UK based wedding and elopement photographer covering mainly North Wales, with a passion for super scenic weddings showcasing our beautiful landscapes.

Wedding & elopement photography for couples who want a small and intentional wedding.

North Wales Wedding & UK Elopement Photographer

Photographing adventurous elopements and super scenic weddings in Wales and helping couples plan joyous and adventurous elopement experiences, mainly in Eryri | Snowdonia.

For couples looking for a more adventurous way to get married.

North Wales Wedding Photography | UK Elopement Photographer

Are you super laid-back and outdoorsy?

Dolgellau Elopement Photography

Do you want a wedding photographer you can lean on to help you have the kind of once-in-a-lifetime, adventurous, slightly wild and super romantic wedding day here in Wales that leaves you feeling wholesome and joyous, 100% non-awkward and not stressed….

I’m here for you!

“Babs has an amazing way of being both a wonderful person to have involved and share in such a special moment with, yet also making you feel like she’s not even there!”

The best time to elope to Eryri (Snowdonia) | Wales Elopement Photography

Croeso! /ˈkrɔɪsɔː/

I’m Babs – easy-going, super relaxed Wedding & Elopement Photographer in North Wales. I’m based close to the Clwydian Range (think scenic landscapes, historic little villages, lush green hills and hidden waterfalls).

My style of photography perfectly reflects who I am in real life – always looking out for dramatic views, slow & mindful approach to everything, not following trends and probably connecting best with couples who respect & love the awesomeness of nature (and dogs) as much as I do. I enjoy watching people from all walks of life getting all the feels from quiet little moments – I think that sets me up quite nicely to being the type of photographer you’d want for a beautiful & super romantic elopement in the UK. If a meaningful & memorable elopement or small outdoor wedding in Wales is for you and you value once-in-a-lifetime memories and beautiful photography – I’ll happily help you have the best wedding day experience here.

North Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer | Babs Boardwell Photography

Having an outdoor wedding or eloping in Wales could be your biggest adventure yet!

What I can help you with:

Eryri (Snowdonia) Elopement Photography & Planning

Wales Wedding & Elopement Photography | Seasonal changes - when is the best time for you to elope to Eryri (Snowdonia)

Relaxed Wedding Photography in Wales

Gwydir Castle Wedding Photography | North Wales Wedding Photographer

Adventure Couple Photography in Eryri (Snowdonia)

Adventure couple sessions in Eryri Snowdonia

35mm vintage analogue film wedding photography

35mm vintage film photography UK

Not entirely sure what an elopement is?

Start here!

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The best places to elope in Wales in 2024

The best places to elope in Wales in 2024 | UK Elopement Photographer

“I’m not even sure where to start with the photos that Babs captured. Oh my god, they are so dreamy, dramatic and stunning. I’m not sure if this will make sense..

…but they *look* how it *felt* to be stood on a mountain kissing my wife. Just magic.

We treasure the memories of our adventure that day just as much as the photos. It was beautiful time with my new wife and a spectacular adventure. Even when it was pouring with rain!”

You’re in good hands!

I love photographing couples in love and capturing the real, unfiltered joy of your day, and I love (LOVE!) photographing adventurous elopements in Snowdonia that are a little off the beaten path and a little bit wild in one of the UK’s last remaining true wildernesses – Eryri. Snowdonia National Park’s natural beauty is breathtaking and perfect for those wanting an elopement, a simple but scenic small wedding or even a micro wedding in Wales. I’ve helped lots of couples plan their dream elopement in Wales already. If you’re not sure how to get started – my Ultimate Snowdonia Elopement Guide covers everything from elopement venues in Wales to how to plan an elopement here to the best places to elope in the UK and what to do in Snowdonia after your elopement or on your honeymoon – perfect if you’re currently planning your dream elopement wedding or a small wedding in the UK!

Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer | Llyn Peninsula Elopement Photography

Elopement Planning

Happy to be your go-to for planning and capturing an extraordinary wedding experience that’s as free-spirited and unique as you – whether that’s getting married or eloping to Wales, celebrating a milestone in your relationship with an adventure couple photoshoot, or beginning your very own couple journey with a once-in-a-lifetime proposal in Snowdonia. No need for you to worry about a single thing – I will make sure the whole process is totally stress-free and a little euphoric (to quote one of my previous brides).

Best places to elope in wales - 2024 guide | How to elope with your dog

My style of wedding and elopement photography is quite dreamy, romantic and adventurous – works really well for photographing all those intimate, spontaneous, raw & simply unforgettable moments you can expect to experience on your wedding or elopement day in glorious Wales.

“Bottom line…Babs is fantastic!”

And also. You’re in good hands! I was voted one of the best elopement photographers in the UK, and featured in The Sunday Times – it’s my absolute passion to create beautiful elopement & wedding photography you can treasure forever. As for how I can help – I’ve planned & photographed many elopements in Wales already; my real-life skills always come in pretty handy and I have the inside scoop on all the best places in Eryri (Snowdonia) for you to go and see and be photographed at. 

Snowdonia Elopement Photography

Some of the most commonly asked elopement questions:

Wales Wedding Photographer and UK Elopement Photographer

Can you get married on top of Snowdon or Cadair Idris?

Not legally in 2024, unfortunately. Most of my couples who dream of marrying in outdoor locations like a mountain top opt for a two-part wedding day. They have a legal ceremony in a registered venue first, followed by a celebratory or symbolic ceremony for just the two of them in their desired location, like a mountaintop. Planning a once-in-a-lifetime legal ceremony somewhere romantic followed by an adventure/epic wedding pictures combo is where I come in!

Wales’ rawness magically draws you in!


Who are elopements for?

If you ever thought that maybe a super traditional wedding really isn’t for you but you love the great outdoors and travel and you want to combine both and have a wedding day you’ll never forget – elope to Wales! Eloping and opting for an intentional wedding day allows you to focus on the only thing that matters: the love and commitment between you and your partner, the freedom to choose a beautiful location and the flexibility to have a day that reflects your values and desires.

Why elope to Wales?

We have some of the most ruggedly charming scenery the UK has on offer and are closer than Vegas, Gretna Green, the Lake District, or Iceland! The people in Wales are super friendly, our mountains look super dreamy at sunset and although you cannot legally elope in the great outdoors in England & Wales just yet – couples who value a meaningful wedding and want to get married more intentionally and have an exciting adventure will have an amazing experience here!

Wales Wedding & UK Elopement Photographer

Is an elopement cheaper than a traditional wedding?

Yes, generally, an elopement wedding tends to be cheaper than a traditional wedding. This cost difference primarily stems from the scale and style of the two types of ceremonies. Expect to pay on average £19k+ if you’re having a big traditional wedding in the UK (excluding rings & honeymoon). Now, just imagine the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience you could afford if you combine your love of adventure with the romance of a wedding in Wales!

Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Where do we even start?! If you are considering an adventure elopement, please do not look any further – BABS IS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER!

Despite previous plans for a large wedding, we decided to elope and it was certainly the best decision we have ever made! Forget the stress and worry of planning YOUR big day to accommodate and entertain guests at your expense – elope instead, you will not regret it!!!

We found Babs after researching elopement photographers in the UK and instantly I had to shoot her a message after checking out her website and Instagram. Within days, we had booked our elopement! After seeing pictures of Americans eloping to the mountains, we knew we wanted to do the same. We shared our ideas with Babs and she made our dream wedding come true!

We planned a break away to North Wales and on the 3rd day we got married in Snowdonia; Babs was one of our witnesses. After the registry office we followed Babs to a scenic location, with mountains surrounding us, a beautiful lake and the estuary in the far distance.

Despite the weather initially, we had a picnic as planned (thanks to Babs for bringing her gear!!), before venturing up the mountain. By this time, the weather passed revealing the most EPIC views. It was so much fun climbing a mountain in our wedding attire and the pictures are out of this world!!!

Our wedding day was full of love, smiles and laughter (the way it should be!) and Babs captured it perfectly. And so many friends and family have said that our photos are the best wedding photos that they have ever seen.

Babs , we can’t express in words how extremely happy and grateful we are for your capturing and making our wedding day so unforgettable!! The whole experience was euphoric!

Jacob & Lauren

Eloping in Wales will be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Want to tell me more about your plans, find out if I’m free to photograph your elopement or ask me more questions?

How to elope anywhere in the UK | Wales Elopement Photography

Helpful guides & free resources to start planning your dream elopement in Wales:

These Elopement Guides are a great starting point and will give you more insight to get you on the right tracks for planning a Just Us wedding (a slightly wild wedding just for the two of you) or an elopement in Wales in incredibly stunning locations guaranteed to take your breath away.

The Ultimate Snowdonia Elopement Guide






The best time and season to elope in Wales






Wales is famous for its rugged coastlines and awe-inspiring National Parks and it’s a pretty cool country to live in or visit. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the country is friendly, with distinctive traditions, heritage and culture. We like a god sing song and myths and legends and Snowdonia’s rustic charm makes it the perfect destination elopement location.

The backdrops in Eryri (Snowdonia) are perfect for romantic small weddings and elopements straight out of a fairytale!

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