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I’m Babs/bæbz/

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Wales Wedding & UK Elopement Photographer | Babs Boardwell Photography

I specialise in adventurous wedding, elopement and couple photography in Wales.

It’s fair to say that I am OBSESSED with finding the most spectacular backdrops for your beautiful wedding photographs!

My style of photography is inspired by genuine feelings, raw emotions, spontaneous adventures and just being in total awe of our gorgeous landscapes. Being outdoors in all kinds of weather. Some of my spare time is spent taking photographs for our local Mountain Rescue Team and doing so has led me to find many stunning spots, some perfect for just sitting back and enjoying the view at sunset across the sea in Anglesey, others so incredibly beautiful they made it to my ever-growing list of the best places to elope in the UK!

Discovering that YES you can get married whichever way you like was like a total game changer and telling the whole authentic story of a wedding honestly through beautiful pictures and finding the most spectacular backdrops for once-in-a-lifetime experiences and beautiful wedding photographs is my absolute PASSION and I find those the two work together really well.

My husband Rich asked me to get married while we were on a road trip through Scotland and we married in a remote country house in North Wales with our 3 dogs running riot all through the night. We always make time for a spontaneous adventure in the van and have woken up to frost on the windows in France, Snowdonia, The Lake District, Scotland and Cornwall. We found some breathtakingly beautiful wild spots along the way and the dogs & I are using our second (semi) converted van as a mobile office whenever we can.

I’m a bit of a free spirit. A lover of all things simple. I don’t like being told what I can or can’t do and I crave amazing vistas, adore couples unashamedly in love & totally believe in soulmates & love at first sight. Glitz & glamour and anything fake and staged is definitely not my bag.

Most days you’ll find me trying to keep up with the dogs up on our glorious Welsh hills.

Love (LOVE!) a good cooking sess! My current food crush is everything Rebel Recipes; I’m also a total sucker for photography that inspires in cookbooks (go figure) and currently can’t get enough of Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far; Recipes inspired by Home & Travel.

Rich is an operational hill member of our local Mountain Rescue Team and he’s also ex-military. We live a pretty simple life and enjoy getting out & about in the van as often as we can. There’s never enough time for all the DIY we should be doing in the house but there always seems to be a book open somewhere for me to escape reality and an episode of Friends on the go for Rich. My biggest achievement in life was probably teaching Rich how to make pizza and then watching him thrive – I’ve never had to make a pizza again ;)

Dog people – we’re gonna get on! Meet our free-spirited collies Ajay, Bo & Caizers x

My wedding & elopement photography style is quite romantic and a tad arty. I use a lot of natural light – it’s the best light you can get! I’m inspired by nature and dramatic landscapes and go above & beyond for my couples to find them the most spectacular backdrops for their bespoke wedding & elopement photography in North Wales.

Are you super laid-back and pretty outdoorsy, don’t sweat the small stuff, and definitely want a wedding day to remember?

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