The Ultimate Snowdonia Elopement Guide - updated for 2024

Everything you need to know to start planning your elopement in glorious Wales
The Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Wales
Wales Elopement Photography | Coastal Elopements in Wales
The Ultimate Snowdonia Elopement Guide

Why elope to Snowdonia?

Are you dreaming about combining your love of travel and adventure with getting married instead of having a big traditional wedding? You’d like your wedding day to feel more intentional, and some epic scenery and possibly some dramatic Scottish’esque weather to go with it. You’d quite like a UK destination wedding and prefer things to be a little more charmingly rustic & low-impact and you don’t want to travel as far as Scotland or Iceland? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Eryri | Snowdonia remains one of the last true wildernesses in the UK. Known for its rugged landscapes, majestic mountains, serene lakes, and ancient woodlands, the spectacular setting of Eryri | Snowdonia National Park provides a dramatic and beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos which makes it the perfect location for a once-in-a-lifetime elopement wedding experience here. For couples who love adventure, Snowdonia offers endless possibilities. From hiking up Snowdon | Yr Wyddfa, the highest peak in Wales, to exploring hidden valleys like Cwm Mynach running through the wild and beautiful Rhinogydd mountain range and secret waterfalls, your elopement in Wales can be as adventurous as you wish here. As one of Snowdonia’s top wedding photographers and the only dedicated Elopement Photographer in Wales – I know the area like the back of my hand and have put together The Ultimate Snowdonia Elopement Guide so that you can read everything you need to know about eloping to beautiful Eryri | Snowdonia.

5 good reasons why you should elope to Eryri | Snowdonia

1. You want a mini wedding adventure in Wales!

The beautiful Snowdonia National Park offers so many epic spots and real hidden gems away from the more popular and often crowded tourist hotspots like Snowdon & Cwm Idwal. Having spent many happy hours exploring well hidden and utterly charming mountain ranges and deserted glacier lakes in Snowdonia with our dogs – I’ll happily share some of my absolute favourite Snowdonia locations with you for a once in a lifetime elopement adventure in Wales!

2. You don’t care about the weather on your wedding day.

Admittedly, our weather can be a little bit, urm….let’s call it *unpredictable*. It’s not unusual to experience all 4 seasons in one single day. Rather than letting that put you off though – embrace it! Makes for great memories you can laugh about for years to come while reminiscing about how frigging frozen your legs were during that wind chill before the sun came and gently tickled your face.

3. You want epic scenery.

Snowdonia’s scenery is mind-blowingly insane! Charmingly rugged, the wild romance of one of the UK’s last remaining true wildernesses will blow your socks off. And even though it’s currently not legal to get married anywhere you like – you can totally embrace a simple, meaningful & mindful ceremony at a local registry office! Then all you need to do is pick a stunningly remote spot for quality time, just the two of you – how utterly romantic!! Beautiful beaches, remote glacier lakes, – I guarantee Snowdonia has a backdrop that will tick all your boxes!!

4. You want a mindful & stress-free wedding experience in Wales.

Planning a big wedding can easily take between 7-12 months and set you back anything between £15k – £32k. Eloping to Snowdonia would enable you to concentrate on just the two of you on your wedding day. And to do things your way. No need to feel anxious about having to be the center of attention! Bring only your nearest and dearest to your humble ceremony then spend the rest of the day doing fun things. Or, prepare a hamper for a romantic picnic for just the two of you by a fast-flowing river. Curious but not sure how this would work for you? Send me an enquiry! I’ve helped dozens of adventurous couples find their perfect location and plan a truly intentional and beautiful wedding day in Wales already. I’m super passionate about all things elopements in Snowdonia – can’t wait to help you plan yours!

5. You just want a wedding or elopement for two in the UK.

Book a romantic lodge or cottage for your elopement weekend in Snowdonia. Enjoy a glass of champers in the outdoor hot tub on your first night looking at nothing but your lover, the stars, and the moon. Share some caviar on toast & get dressed together in the morning. Then start your elopement day in Snowdonia with a scenic hike. Head to the local registry office together. Then enjoy your first day legally married in some of the finest scenery the UK has to offer. What could be more romantic!

The Ultimate Snowdonia Elopement Guide - 2024
The Ultimate Snowdonia Elopement Guide - 2024

Can you legally marry outside in England & Wales?

In short: yes you can. Since 1st July 2021, you can finally marry legally outside in England & Wales – brilliant news for outdoorsy couples wanting to legally get married and hold their entire wedding celebrations in the great outdoors! It still does not include unlicensed locations in Wales though. And so, for the time being, if you’re planning on eloping to Wales – you will still need to do the legal bit first and use a licensed venue like Penarth Fawr or a local register office. But, it’s definitely a much needed step in the right direction and who knows – maybe it’ll open the doors for couples being given the total freedom to choose wherever they want to legally marry in Wales, just like they can in Scotland & Ireland.

Wedding ceremonies in Wales

If you want to get legally married in Wales but don’t fancy paying for a venue – you need to head to a register office first. There seems to be this misconception that ceremonies can only be beautiful and romantic if you wear a designer dress & book a stunning wedding venue. Having witnessed my fair share of register office ceremonies, let me assure you – they are just as romantic and tear-inducing as any other ceremony I’ve had the pleasure to witness. If not more – purely for the simplicity of it all. Plus, of course, you can wear a fancy elopement wedding dress to the register office if you want to before hiking up a hill in your wedding outfits and exchanging your private vows on top admiring those all-important glorious views.

Pro Tip from your future elopement photographer in Wales: you do not have to exchange rings for your ceremony at the register office to become legal so save this bit for the mountain.

Keen to add more personal elements to your ceremony? Not sold on the register office bit? You could always book a picturesque ceremony-only venue like Penarth Fawr, a small historic hall on the Llyn Peninsula practically made for an uber-romantic coastal elopement in Wales.

Wherever you choose to do your legal bit – head to your chosen spot after and involve your friends & families in the ceremony of your dreams if you like! Write some personal vows then read them to one another. Or add handfasting to literally *tie the knot*. Be as relaxed as you like – there are NO rules when it comes to getting married or eloping in Snowdonia. So anything goes – invite your friends and families to join you or have your dream day, just the two of you. Do what you like!

Legalities & paperwork

Anyone can get married or elope to Wales, as long as you’re 18 or over and not already married. To legally elope in Wales you need to give notice which basically means you must submit a Notice of Marriage or Notice of Civil Partnership to the local register office at least 29 days before your ceremony – this probably sounds way more complicated than it actually is. You’ll simply sign a legal statement at your chosen register office stating your intent to marry or form a civil partnership. Then you must hold your ceremony within 12 months of ‘giving notice’ or you’ll have to repeat the process. If you are not a UK citizen, you may need to apply for a visa so do check with your chosen registry office first to be absolutely sure you’ve got the right paperwork. 

You can find more info on this subject, especially if you are not a UK resident, in my post about how to elope anywhere in the UK.

How much does it cost to give notice?

The cost of giving notice is £35 per person (or slightly more if you’re not a UK citizen). You’ll also need to pay for a registrar to conduct your ceremony (£46) and you need to bring 2 witnesses. I’d be happy & honoured if you wanted to involve me in your ceremony to tick this off your elopement planning list. Check the official website for what documents you need to bring to give notice. Just imagine this: if you wanted to plan an epic elopement in Snowdonia but not wait super long – you could theoretically pull off a dreamy elopement in Wales in just 29 days. Exciting!

Quite a bit of semi-boring info to digest but it’ll be totally worth it, I promise. Head to my post about elopement costs in 2024 if you want to read more. 

Your Snowdonia Elopement Budget.

Your Snowdonia Elopement is going to cost far less than a full wedding day. But it makes sense for you both to maybe sit down together and agree on what you want to spend your money on. I don’t recommend doing this over a bottle of wine! If personal experience has taught me anything it’s that things usually turn out way more expensive if there’s wine involved… Snowdonia is pretty easy to reach from most parts of the UK. Compared to an elopement in Scotland or Iceland, the good news is: it’s probably going to be a bit cheaper with less travel time involved.

Eryri. Getting Here.

The closest airports are Manchester and Liverpool where you can hire a car and then drive to Snowdonia. Depending on where you stay, the journey should take just over 1.5 hours. If you’re coming from abroad – remember we drive on the right-hand side of the road. Direct train services take you to the popular coastal destinations in North Wales from most parts of Britain. From there you can take inland connections via the Conwy Valley Line which runs through the Snowdonia National Park to Betws-y-Coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog. The easiest way to get here is probably by road via the M1, the M6 and then onto the A5. From London, Snowdonia is only 3.5 hours away by car.

Where to stay for your elopement in Snowdonia.

For a country as small as Wales – we have some pretty awesome & super romantic love shacks for you to stay in! Cosy little cottages with outdoor hot tubs – perfect for weekend elopement celebrations in Snowdonia! Or remind yourselves of holidays spent in Wales as a kid on adventurous camping trips. For epic movie vibes book a stay at the campsite of Llyn Gwynant. It’s where Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie filmed Lara Croft Tomb Raider. And don’t forget to put wild swimming in a glacier lake on your dream elopement in Snowdonia bucket list. Rawer than the Lake District, staying in Snowdonia usually involves cosy wooden lodges, adventurous camping or clamping sites and self-catering accommodation. Roaring log fires in autumn and winter and glorious sunsets in mountain and 60km of beautiful coastlines in spring & summer.

What food can I expect to eat in Wales?

Organic Welsh Lamb and Welsh ale are served generously and melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu beef from Snowdonia should definitely be on your culinary wishlist. Pick mussels fresh from Newborough Beach. Or buy them sustainably hand-raked from on a pier in Conwy and cook a romantic dinner for two on your elopement day. Because the way to a lover’s heart is through their stomach, right?! Find your accommodation on Air BnB. And don’t forget to learn a few basic Welsh words such as Bore Da (Good Morning, pronounced bor-er dah), Diolch (Thank You, pronounced di-olk) and Iechyd da (Cheers, pronounced Yah-key-Dah) to impress the locals!

When and where to have your Snowdonia wedding and elopement ceremony.

There are plenty of off-the-beaten-path locations to choose from for your totally bespoke Snowdonia elopement. Remote glacier lakes, unspoiled mountain scenery, and ruggedly charming castles. As the top Wedding & Elopement Photographer in Snowdonia I’m more than happy to be your Snowdonia guide. I can take you to some of the most stunningly beautiful hidden gems we found on our walks! Or book one of the qualified mountain leaders in my husband’s Mountain Rescue Team for a totally unique elopement adventure in Snowdonia! And unlike our friends across the Scottish border, we don’t really have the midge problem here in Snowdonia from May onwards either so picking a date is pretty straightforward. It’s true what they say though – it does tend to rain a lot in Snowdonia. Pick warmer rain in summer and deal with the colder stuff in winter.

When is the best time to elope to Snowdonia?

The best time to elope in Wales in my experience very much depends on your own preferences for weather, scenery, and level of solitude and what feelings & emotions each season brings out in you. I’d go as far as saying that there really is no wrong or right time to elope in Wales – each season comes with its pros and cons and so the best season for you to elope is the one that works best for you. It’s as simple as that. For more information on what season is best and how to decide which one’s right for you – head on over to my post on seasonal changes and the best time for you to elope to Eryri (Snowdonia).

Other things to consider when planning an elopement in Wales.

You’ll need 2 witnesses. Bring a couple of friends with you or family members. I’m always happy and honoured to be asked to be a witness but as I’m shooting solo we’d have to find one more. I have shot an elopement in Gretna Green before where the bride & groom asked a random couple on the street to help them out. It was really fun and totally doable so don’t let the *no witnesses* scenario stop you from booking an elopement in Snowdonia.

Should I hire a local elopement photographer in Wales?

Absolutely! You don’t want to miss a single thing of your epic Snowdonia Elopement day. With invaluable knowledge of the local terrain, the best spots for those all important sunset shots (whenever the sun does make an appearance) and knowing how to quickly adapt to the ever-changing temperamental Welsh weather – you should most definitely invest in a local Snowdonia Elopement Photographer rather than hoping for the best travelling here with a photographer who is not based here.  As for other suppliers, I’ll happily recommend other local gems, from florists to hair + makeup, cake makers etc. I’d say let’s keep the footprint pretty low and use local suppliers only.

What to wear on your Welsh Elopement Day

Check the forecast. What is the weather usually like around the time you’ve chosen for your elopement? It’s always a good thing to cater to both dry AND wet days, just in case…. You don’t want to end up soaked through 2 minutes into your dream Welsh elopement! It’s never a bad thing to keep spare, warm & dry clothes and shoes in the car or in your backpack. If you feel more secure knowing you have some brollies to keep dry under – opt for transparent dome-shaped ones rather than plain black ones. The darker ones can cast a shadow or hide your beautiful faces fully and we want to make sure we capture ALL the emotions.

If your chosen spot calls for a bit of hike – let’s make sure you’re wearing sensible boots! They should support your ankles, have sufficient grip, and keep you safe. Nobody wants to unnecessarily call out Mountain Rescue – least of all a team member’s wife…. And if you really want a few shots in your fancy footwear – just put them in your backpack and let’s put them on for a couple of photographs on location before walking back in your walking boots. Happy days!

Head on over to my post on how to pick an elopement wedding dress that’s perfect for you to read more of my thoughts on this subject. At the end of the day – this is your day so it’s really entirely up to you what you want to wear! Just bear in mind that your dress is guaranteed to get a little muddy when you elope to Snowonia…. Dry cleaners these days are awesome though and there’s not many things they can’t clean so nothing to worry about, right?

Things to do after your elopement or on your honeymoon in Wales

Definitely make the most of your stay in beautiful Snowdonia! You may well end up wet & windswept. You may find yourselves on a busy Snowdon in the middle of summer. Or you may discover some talented artists and their creative art studios in Autumn. You may enjoy outdoor adrenaline-fuelled adventures on our lakes, mountains, and beaches. Or you may just get up at the crack of dawn to take in the most spectacular sunrises at peaceful glacier lakes that make your heart full. Whatever you do – I promise you’ll love it as much as your Snowdonia Elopement so make the most of it!

For more inspo, head on over to my post about the 15 best things to do in Snowdonia after your elopement or on your honeymoon.

So there we have it – the ultimate Snowdonia Elopement guide by your top Snowdonia Wedding & Elopement Photographer. And to me, love is love which is why I’m all-inclusive and a gay, lesbian & same-sex friendly UK Wedding & Elopement Photographer. If there’s anything else you need to go before you get planning your very own Snowdonia Elopement Adventure – contact me, I’m always happy to help!!

Need more info and real elopement inspo? Head over to my Snowdonia Elopement Photography page.

I’m an experienced and professional North Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer based not far from Llangollen in the Clywdian Range. I photograph weddings, elopements, vow renewals, anniversaries and proposals in the local area and further afield, throughout Wales and the whole of the UK.  I specialise in photographing raw & natural moments – perfect for destination wedding & elopement photography in Eryri (Snowdonia).

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