Bridal Preparations Photography Tips
9th January 2019

Wedding Photography Tips – Making the most of bridal prep

Wedding Photography Wedding Tips

Babs Boardwell – North Wales Wedding Photographer

Bridal prep is always one of my favourite parts of a wedding day. I love hanging out with the bride (and her bridesmaids) early in the morning and documenting the whole transformation. There’s always such excitement in the air! Some brides look forward to bridal prep more than others but it does not have to be an awkward or stiff affair at all! Here are my top Wedding Photography Tips – Making the most of bridal prep.

These are my top tips for getting the most out of bridal prep and creating some informal but beautiful images you’ll want to look back on over and over again.

Choose the best natural light

It seems pretty obvious but on more than one occasion I’ve walked into the room where my beautiful bride is getting ready and she is facing away from the only window or is lit by artificial light. For me as a North Wales Wedding Photographer the best light is happening right outside your window and even if there’s only a teeny weeny one in your room – I will always try and sit you right in front of it. Even it means climbing all over the window sill 😉 If the room is seriously messy (we’ll cover that one in a minute, don’t you worry haha) I might not be able to utilise the window light so much and be more concerned about concealing the mess. Or the entire room. Which is a shame as we could have made sweet magic with that dreamy window light. So there’s my Top Tip No. 1: take a seat right in front of the window for the best natural light.

Keep the room tidy

Seems obvious, right!? Most of the time bridal prep happens in a room that’s full of women with bags. It’s like BagFest. Leather ones. Big ones. Plastic ones. Glittery ones. Super bright ones. Sometimes prams. Often unfinished breakfasts and sometimes even dirty washing. Sometimes the room we’re all hanging out in is kinda on the small side and I literally can’t get away from dirty laundry shots haha Which isn’t a problem at all (don’t get me wrong) & good fun for documentary style *here’s what things looked like on a real wedding day* shots. Plus I absolutely love bridal prep if my bride is getting ready at her or her parent’s house. From a story telling point of view it is super nice to place my bride and her family members/families/bridesmaids amongst all of the beautiful things she grew up with and that is neither mess nor clutter to me. If you’re getting ready at home – try and pick the biggest, best lit room in the house that has the least amount of actual mess. And just be mindful that if you’d like your images to look like Emily’s, Hannah’s or Laura’s shots above here’s my Top Tip No. 2: tidy is best 🙂

North Wales Wedding Photographer at Llantysilio


I think we can safely assume that on the morning of your wedding all of your amazing wedding plans have actually been put into place. So relax! Apparently it’s good luck if something goes wrong on your wedding day so if that happens – just roll with it. But nothing says Bridezilla more than a stressed out, highly strung & tense looking bride on her wedding morning though. The camera loves a relaxed, extremely excited, a little bit nervous but overall really happy bride! I say the more fun & laughter you can work into bridal prep on the morning of your wedding, the better! Get your favourite playlist on in the background & share some champers (or whatever your favourite tipple is) with your favourite girl squad and bathe in the excitement of the day. Maybe go a little easy on anything stronger than bubbly though, you definitely don’t wanna be stumbling down that aisle 😉 Top Tip No. 3: relax and be happy x

Oswestry Wedding Photographer
Oswestry Wedding Photographer
Wild Pheasant Wedding Photographer

Leave yourself enough time

The morning of your wedding will be super exciting. You probably won’t sleep much the night before and more often than not, especially if you have a large bridal party, it’s quite an early start to your perfect day. A lot of brides are super calm to start off with then get more and more nervous as time goes by. Most underestimate just how long it can take to put a wedding dress on, especially if there are 6 or more of you getting dressed at the same time and your dress has super intricate details like millions of tiiiiiny buttons that need doing up. If you’re a super organised person just add 5 – 10 minutes to your timeline at the end of getting dressed and we’ll get some shots of you fully dressed in as well. Let’s call it the calm before the storm 🙂 Top Tip No. 4: leave yourself enough time to get dressed

North Wales Wedding Photographer at Llantysilio
North Wales Wedding Photographer at Tyn Dwr Hall
North Wales Wedding Photographer at Bae Abermaw Barmouth
Oswestry Wedding Photographer


Shoes, flowers, veils – if there’s enough time I always quite enjoy a couple of minutes shooting details. These are the things you probably spent a fair bit of money on and after a while it’s kinda easy to forget exactly what they looked like. If you wanna make sure I spend more time on you than chasing details you could ask your MOH to keep everything you’d like me to take pictures of in the same spot (not messing the room up, see Top Tip No. 2 ;)). Personally I’m not the biggest fan of dress on the hanger shots but I’ll happily give it a go. If you really want me to. Top Tip No. 5: prep deets

North Wales Wedding Photographer at Llantysilio
North Wales Wedding Photographer at Llantysilio
North Wales Wedding Photographer at Tyn Dwr Hall
North Wales Wedding Photographer at Tyn Dwr Hall
Holt Lodge Wedding Photographer

So there we have it. My Top 5. If you’re a little unsure and don’t know what to expect during bridal prep have a little peek at Andy & Amy’s beautiful wedding over here, absolutely loved spending time with Amy & her gorgeous girl squad at Amy’s mum’s house.

If you’re currently looking for a wedding photographer feel free to check out my work. And if you like what you see hit me up and we’ll get the ball rolling. It’s as simple as that.

Much love,

Babs x

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