25th November 2019

How to plan an outdoor proposal

So, you’re super outdoorsy and finally found The One you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re ready to take the next step. Congratulations – you’re about to get engaged! All you need to know now is how to plan an outdoor proposal.

Being active and spending time outdoors has become trendier in recent years and an increasing number of couples are choosing picturesque locations for an epic outdoor proposal. Snowdonia, with its rugged charm and breathtaking beauty, has an abundance of romantic spots that are perfect for an outdoor proposal. Want to propose somewhere outdoors in Wales but no idea where to start? Here are some outdoor proposal ideas that might inspire you.

bride and groom during an outdoor proposal adventure against the backdrop of snowcapped mountainsPlan a picnic for an outdoor proposal

What could be better than a picnic in one of your absolute favourite spots? If you’re thinking of turning your proposal into a fun weekend, whisk your favourite human away for a romantic picnic on a beach or your favourite mountain on a Friday afternoon then spend the rest of the weekend making new memories. Take them on a super romantic retreat for two for a spot of relaxation or to one of these Welsh Love Shacks for an unforgettable romantic geaway. Your picnic proposal could be anything from simply bringing a blanket and nibbling on a few sandwiches to super adventurous by (safely!) cooking a proposal meal (extra romance points for this one!) on a gas stove. Champagne optional!

Picnic proposal checklist

For maximum impact location is key! Scout out a spot that is secluded but has breathtaking views. As much as Snowdon seems like the obvious choice for many – things can get rather crowded on Britain’s busiest mountain on a sunny summer’s day… And Snowdonia has so many other remote and breathtakingly romantic summits to offer! If a secluded little lake takes your fancy – there are many that can be easily accessed and haven’t been discovered by the masses yet. It’s definitely worth doing some research if you want your proposal to go down as the most romantic proposal in history.

The way to your lover’s heart is through the stomach. I may be stating the obvious here but to make sure you get to hear a big fat YES – spoil your lover with their favourite foods! Add a few of your daily fives like grapes or strawberries to playfully feed each other with (cheesy but fun!) or share a Boil in the Bag camping meal. No longer just involving spooning cold beans out of a tin, camping food has come a long way and now even includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free ranges. Fancy! Impress your Other Half by cooking up a storm on one of these nifty lightweight stoves then reap the rewards! Need more inspo? Check out some of these creative proposals over on Pinterest.

couple in the sea with mountains in the background playing around with lit sparklersTake Your One to your special place

Maybe you already have a special spot in mind, somewhere you’ve shared an adventure together or even had your first kiss. Turn it into an even more memorable place by bringing that famous little box, then pull out the ring and try to control your nerves while you bend down on one knee and propose. By the way – ever wondered where this tradition stems from? Research suggests that it dates back to medieval times, when knights were aplenty and couples engaged in proper courtships. As a mark of respect to their lord, knights would get down on one knee so when a gentleman wanted to show his undying love for his lady it just seemed natural to do the same. You’re welcome!

couple walking on a narrow hill path on a windy day in LlangollenWooded Wonderland

This survey suggests that Christmas Eve is officially the most popular time to propose and so how about planning a proposal in a secluded spot in a wooded area? Make sure it’s in an area you won’t get lost in and think about covering it in lots of battery-powered fairy lights and hanging lights. Put candles all along the way and lead your favourite human to an LED Marry Me sign. You could even decorate an actual tree with a Marry Me Proposal Bauble. Now just imagine how romantic that would look in the snow!?

Sunrise or sunset proposal

You could be on a backpacking adventure or watch the sunset from the deck of a cozy Snowdonia cabin or viewpoint. Sunrises & sunsets are romantic at any time of the year and create the perfect backdrop for your proposal. They also require a little bit of planning as you don’t want to get to your perfect spot only to find there’s no sunset…. Get yourself a smart little App like Photopills and don’t forget to check the forecast regularly. Not entirely sure if you can actually see the sunset from your chosen spot? Check SunCurves – it lets you get actual times for sunrise and sunset for any day of the year for any location worldwide, how cool’s that?! And if you feel that sunset may be a no show – simply carry on regardless or fall back on Plan B. One more for the outdoor proposal check list: always have a Plan B!

If sunrise tickles your fancy – you may have to get a little creative with your reason for the super early wake-up call. But it’s going to be epic & magical!

couple hugging in the sea at sunsetAdventure Proposal

What are your favourite activities? Do you enjoy kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking or skiing/snowboarding together? Make it a day to remember – start out by watching the sunset together and get a hearty breakfast. Then spend the morning kayaking and plan a hike for the afternoon. Take a picnic with you and stay on the mountain until sunset to pop the question. Is there anything more romantic? I promise you will remember this day forever!

If you really want to push the boat out on a super adventure – how about a private helicopter tour of Snowdonia? Or how do you fancy proposing on a private hot air balloon ride in Wales? If your other half is really adventurous you can even propose on the world’s fastest zip line.

bride and groom looking at each other at Dinorwig Quarry
Outdoor Proposal Check List

The average time spent on planning a proposal is 4 months and involves finding the perfect location, asking for dad’s permission, deciding which ring to go for and what to actually say. The stakes are high! On proposal day you’ll probably feel super excited and a tad nervous. That’s pretty normal!

Having a secret proposal photographer to capture the moment is becoming increasingly popular and if you’re currently planning an outdoor proposal anywhere in Snowdonia – I’d love to help!

I’m a Wedding & Elopement Photographer based in North Wales. As a professional Wedding Photographer I know how to capture precious moments perfectly. I’m a hopelessly romantic and know Snowdonia like the back of my hand so if you need someone to help you plan your proposal for a proposal spot as unique as your relationship – I’m your girl, get in touch!


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