Super 8 Vintage Elopement Wedding Videos

Rustic, slightly imperfect but super romantic and raw video clips from your dream day

What is a Super 8 Wedding film and why would you have one?

If you want to add a super romantic short wedding film to your photo package – I absolutely love (LOVE!) the vintage charm of a Super 8 video, bringing timeless and personal vibes. Super 8 films are really nostalgic and bring back the romance of a bygone era where each frame tells a story drenched in sentimentality. Not as slick as more mainstream cinematic digital video films, I think Super 8 films are the perfect addition for romantic souls hoping to capture the core essence of what their dreamy elopement in Wales actually felt like.

Super 8 films are shot in real time on handheld vintage cameras and once processed (in a specialised print lab in London), films are digitalized with a grainy quality (which complements my slightly earthy, natural editing style perfectly), bringing an organic warmth to the footage while creating a dream-like quality that digital formats often fail to replicate. It’s a bit like flipping through an old family album, where each picture gives out a sense of history and emotional depth. The subtle flicker and light leaks characteristic of Super 8 movies give them an almost ethereal glow, enhancing the romantic atmosphere.

The muted colour tones often possess a softly saturated quality and your wedding film is shot *as is*, fully embracing the imperfections of the medium, such as the soft blurring and the gentle sway of the handheld camera, which give the film its intimate and personal feel.

Shot on Super 8, I think your wedding film almost ends up being a cinematic love letter, beautifully capturing those fleeting, sweet candid moments of your wedding day and turning them into lasting, romantic heirlooms.

Super 8 vintage wedding film pricing

Each Super 8 film is on average 2.5 minutes long with a cinematographic or classical tune added; you can currently add one for £395 if I’m photographing your wedding or elopement.

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Are you dreaming of an elopement in the breathtaking landscapes of Wales? Whether you’re enchanted by the rugged coastlines of Pembrokeshire, the mystical charm of the Llyn Peninsula, or the serene beauty of the Vale of Llangollen, I’m here to make your dream a reality.

I’m a UK elopement photographer based in the Berwyn Range and specialise in crafting bespoke elopement experiences that are as unique as your very own love story. With my deep knowledge of some of Wales’ most stunning locations and my passion for offering you a very personal experience and not just a bunch of random photographs from your wedding day, I want to make sure that every detail of your special day is handled with care and professionalism.

If you’d love to go on a once-in-a-lifetime wedding adventure with me – simply contact me today and you could be planning the elopement of your dreams in almost no time at all.

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I’m an experienced and professional North Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer based not far from Llangollen in the Clywdian Range. I photograph weddings, elopements, vow renewals, anniversaries and proposals in the local area and further afield, throughout Wales and the whole of the UK.  I specialise in photographing raw & natural moments – perfect for destination wedding & elopement photography in Eryri (Snowdonia).