Valentine’s Day ideas for outdoorsy couples

Make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year with these alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas for outdoor loving couples!

I’ve put together my alternative list of Valentine’s Day date ideas to get your adrenaline pumping so if you’re one half of an outdoorsy couple that’s not a fan of the annual card/flower/chocolate combo on Valentine’s Day – this one’s for you!

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Date ideas for outdoorsy couples on Valentine’s Day

If you love heights – book an unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Ride. Sailing through the clouds with your true love by your side – what could be more romantic than that! Drifting with the breeze while admiring the views and feeling a sense of tranquil serenity and exhilaration, perfect!

Or if you’re in the need for speed – get your thrill on at Zipworld. Experience the closest feeling to skydiving without actually leaping out of a plane. Guaranteed to get your pulses racing!

Alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas for adventurous couples

Book a helicopter tour and experience the incredible natural beauty Snowdonia has to offer. You’ll have plenty of fantastic photo opportunities and a host of stunning scenery to feast your eyes on.

Get your adrenaline pumping and book a last-minute skiing trip! If your idea of romance consists of fun on the piste and apres-ski but, you know, lack of funds – the Llandudno Snowsports Centre could be the one for you!

Go Indoor Skydiving. Experience being weightless without actually having to jump out of a plane. Win win!

Alternative Valentine's Day date ideas for outdoorsy couples

Creative alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas for outdoor loving couples

These creative alternative Valentine’s day date ideas for outdoor loving couples might just be some of my favorites.

Book a professional photographer for an Adventure Couple Photo Session in Snowdonia. Obvs.

Get back to basics and immerse yourself in the woods for a day on a bushcraft course. Learn useful new life skills like how to make simple useful knots and how to start a fire. You never know, sparks may fly….

Go watch your favourite band play live. It’ll be super romantic and an experience you’ll never forget. You may cry. You may dance like a crazy person. And who knows. Maybe one of these days you’ll have your favourite band play at your wedding, just imagine how epic that’d feel! Check Ticketmaster to see what’s on in your area.

Create your very own sexy Ghost moment with a pottery class for 2. Oh la la!

Other alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas for outdoor-loving couples include a smooch on a super scenic hike in Wales, white water rafting, a trip to Surf Snowdonia, or a spot of horse trekking

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    What can you do on a Valentine’s Day date without money?

    Wondering what other alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas you could go for but don’t want to break the bank at a fancy and (undoubtedly) packed restaurant? Cook a romantic dinner for two together! It’s not as difficult as it may seem – here are some simple but oh so romantic recipes.

    Go star gazing in Snowdonia! See stars, meteor showers or even the Milky Way with your naked eye then get star struck with your loved one.

    Go Dolphin spotting in Cardigan Bay. Take a boat to Aberporth, Mwnt, Cardigan Island or Cemaes Head and you’ve a good chance of seeing dolphins. And if you’re really lucky, the odd orca or humpback whale might just swim by…

    Geocaching – join the world’s biggest game of hide-and-seek with almost two million hidden treasures. Some couples even meet this way!

    Watch the sunrise or sunset on Llanddwyn Island, one of the most magical places on Earth!

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    What to do on your first Valentine’s Day as an outdoor loving engaged couple

    Now that you’re engaged it’s time to step up the classic card, flowers, chocolate combo a notch! More and more couples are engaged for a year or less before they tie the knot so make your last Valentine’s Day as a fiancé(e) extra romantic!

    Take a trip down memory lane, back to where it all began! Book a table at the restaurant you first visited together as a couple. Re-watch that movie you watched when you first moved in together or just head back to the spot where you said yes.

    If you’re getting married this year and deep into wedding planning you could probably do with a relaxing break by now! Take a few days out and spend quality time in a Welsh love shack! You’ll feel refreshed and focussed when you get back to planning your wedding after your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple.

    Sign up for one of the Top 5 meditation retreats in Europe to clear your head and recharge those batteries.

    Who says you must spend your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple as a twosome?! Invite your family members over, share some food, have a laugh and raise a glass (or two!) to love!

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