Post-wedding outdoor photography session in Wales

If you’re currently planning a wedding, you may find that trying to nail your timeline for the day without having to worry about spending too much time away from your friends & family for your couple photos when there’s so much partying to be done is not that easy, right? A post-wedding photography session could be an easy solution and if that’s what you came here for, my key points to consider would be these:

Beautiful couple photos taken in epic locations for a relaxed and stress-free experience.

I’m guessing you’re spending a lot of time (not to mention money) planning your perfect timeline but if there’s one thing you should absolutely trust me on, it’s this: your wedding day is going to absolutely fly by. If you’ve booked me as your wedding photographer one thing’s for sure – I won’t drag you away from your meal, your drink, and/or your guests for too long so that we can get you some nice & easy wedding day pictures you’ll treasure forever. But if 150+ weddings have taught me anything, it’s that (reality check) things very rarely run 100% according to plan. Even the most relaxed couples can sometimes find themselves getting a little stressed or suffering from FOMO (that’s the fear of missing out….) if they’re asked to come away from a super fun convo to have their pictures taken. Now, don’t get me wrong. A lot of wedding days run super smooth, the forecast delivers sunshine (as promised) and everything just comes together nicely with no need to stress. But if you worry about this not being the case on your wedding day – a post-wedding session could just be your get-out-of-jail-free card that allows you to bypass the pressure of a tight schedule.

why you should consider a post-wedding shoot | Wales Elopement Photographer

So, what exactly is a post-wedding photo shoot?

A post-wedding photo shoot, sometimes also called an After Shoot, Trash the Dress or a day-after photography session, is literally just that: a super relaxed photoshoot in an EPIC location the day after (or a couple of days/weeks after) your wedding day. Maybe your wedding day was everything you wanted it to be (and more!). But you want those Instagram-worthy epic pictures of you both in your wedding outfits. And you also want to make more wedding memories – just for the two of you. Maybe you’re an ex-pat or transnational couple and had to pick just one of your countries of origin to get married in but you would also like some new memories in the other partner’s country. That’s exactly what post-wedding photo sessions are for – an opportunity for you to have additional professional photos taken in your wedding outfits, but in a more relaxed, creative, or unique setting than what might have been possible on the actual wedding day. 

Post-wedding outdoor photoshoot

You could also use a post-wedding photoshoot to celebrate other marriage milestones such as anniversaries. For Lauren & Ellie’s post-wedding photography session by a glacier lake, we headed to this secluded spot in Snowdonia where the wives had travelled to for their 9th anniversary. Seemed like the perfect spot to mark the momentous occasion with a relaxed post-wedding mini-adventure photography session in Wales during which they also exchanged their vows again and it was very romantic.

Post-wedding photography session in Snowdonia

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Why should you consider a post-wedding shoot?

Most couples opt for a pre-wedding photoshoot to feel more comfortable about being in front of the camera. Which makes total sense. But post-wedding photography sessions could offer so much more! Of course, it’s super exciting to use pre-wedding photos on your actual wedding day. But just think about how much more exciting it will feel to spend some quality time together on your first mini-adventure as husband and wife. You even get to wear your beautiful wedding dress again!

why you should consider a post wedding photo session

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Post-wedding photography sessions can also take the stress away if you’re worried about what weather conditions will be like on your actual wedding day. Although – don’t worry about the weather too much, bad weather can make for awesome pictures, just take a look at George & Phoebe’s beautiful but super wet Pembrokeshire Elopement! And, of course, rain on your wedding day means your marriage will be a long & happy one! Maybe you’re planning a super low-key affair and your location just doesn’t really have that epic backdrop you’re dreaming of. Swap a pre-wedding photography session for a post-wedding one and spend some quality time together exploring a beautiful location. You could even dress up again if you wanted to.

There also seems to be a new trend emerging for 2024 which sees the couple having a low-key registry wedding followed by a post-wedding photography shoot on a different day to celebrate the start of their married life with an adventurous photo shoot in their wedding outfits.

why you should consider a post-wedding session | UK Elopement Photography

Post-Wedding Shoot Ideas

While your actual wedding pictures will transport you straight back to your perfect day, post-wedding photography sessions offer the perfect opportunity to get a little more creative in a super relaxed environment. You’ll be able to wear your perfect dress again or just come as you are and pick a spot you love without having to worry if it’s the right spot for everybody else.

Here in North Wales, we’re so spoilt for absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and super charming locations! So if it’s a bit of an adventure you’re after – get in touch if you’d like me to help you plan your very own perfect post-wedding one!

why should consider a post wedding photo session | UK adventure couple photography


why you should consider a post-wedding photo session | UK Adventure Couple Photo Session

If you want to chat more about planning a post-wedding adventure experience around Eryri | Snowdonia – I’m a Wedding & Elopement Photographer based near the Clwydian Range. My wedding & elopement photography style is romantic, and super adventurous. It’s also a tad arty – perfect for dreamy post-wedding photography adventure sessions. I work best with couples that LOVE a super scenic session and with a husband in the local Mountain Rescue team – always happy to help you find truly spectacular locations. 

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