Post-wedding outdoor photoshoot in Wales

Right in the thick of wedding planning? You know you want more than just candid portraits. But trying to nail your timeline for the day without having to worry about being away from your friends & family for too long when there’s so much partying to be done is not that easy, right?! That’s exactly why you should consider a post-wedding shoot!

Post-wedding outdoor photoshoot

Many couples opt for a pre-wedding photoshoot to get used to being in front of the camera. But post-wedding shoots could offer so much more! While it’s exciting to use pre-wedding photos on your actual wedding day, just think about how exciting it will feel to wear your beautiful wedding dress again!

You could consider a post-wedding shoot if you’re stressing about the weather on your wedding day. Although don’t worry about that too much – bad weather can make for awesome pictures!. Or maybe you’re planning a super low key affair and your location doesn’t really provide an epic backdrop. Swap a pre-wedding session for a post-wedding one if you want to dress up again!

close-up of bride with the wind ruffling her hair while she's smiling
close-up of bride's face smiling with husband wearing a pink tie in the background
black and white close-up of bride hugging her husband with her hand on his chest
why you should consider a post-wedding shoot
black and white close-up of details on a bridal dress
black and white close-up of lace details on a bride's wedding dress
Why you should consider a post-wedding photoshoot
why you should consider a post-wedding shoot
why you should consider a post-wedding shoot
black and white image of bride and groom wearing their wedding outfits on a gloomy foggy day

Why should you consider a post-wedding shoot?

While your actual wedding pictures will transport you straight back to your perfect day, post-wedding shoots offer the perfect opportunity to get a little more creative in a super relaxed environment. You’ll be able to wear your perfect dress again and pick a spot you love without having to worry if it’s the right spot for everybody else.

Post-Wedding Shoot Ideas

We’re absolutely spoilt for beautiful locations here in North Wales – get in touch if you’d like me to get involved in planning your very own perfect post-wedding adventure, I’m always happy to help! Or have a look at some of my Adventure Couple Sessions.

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