Are registry office weddings nice?

They can be! Having a relaxed small wedding with a basic but beautiful ceremony at a registry office in Wales combined with adventure vibes on your wedding day is probably the most stress-free way to get married. It can also often work out cheaper than a traditional big wedding and will mean spending less on the stuff that doesn’t matter so much and spending more on the things that REALLY mean something to you. 

A register office/adventurous wedding day combo in Wales definitely works really well for couples wanting something a little bit smaller, less formal, and with lots of scope for making once-in-a-lifetime memories – so good for the soul! Just book a weekend getaway at your favourite country bolthole or a super cozy log cabin, google the nearest register office in Wales et voila – super relaxed wedding vibes incoming. 

How do I get married in a registry office?

If you’re considering getting married in Wales, you will need to start by giving 28 days’ notice BEFORE the big day. In plain English, to ‘give notice’ simply means that you are making your intention to get married official by signing a legal document at your chosen register office, it’s that simple. And once the declaration is signed, you then have 12 whole months to plan your perfect day. If you’re keen to get hitched or elope way faster than that – you can totally plan a legal elopement or small wedding in Wales in just under a month and for a fraction of the cost involved with more traditional weddings. If you’re interested in reading more on that, head on over to a post I’ve previously written about how to plan a simple wedding quickly in the UK.

How much does it cost to get married in a registry office in England and Wales?

Great question – not that much actually. Fees for most of the basic ceremonies start at £46 (some – like the Town Hall in Llandudno for example – give you the option to upgrade to a nicer/bigger room for a bit more dollar) plus around £11 for the marriage certificate. Some, like The Registry Office in Mold, are actually quite pretty and with plenty of beautiful natural light. 

Go on an epic adventure after your register office ceremony!

For those of you who want to have a pretty basic but at the same time pretty epic wedding day (makes total sense haha), combining a relaxed registry office wedding in Wales with a mini adventure on our ruggedly charming hills, long sandy beaches or at super romantic castle ruins could be the way forward. I’d absolutely love to help you plan a super romantic registry office or elopement here!

5 Top Tips for making the most of your elopement day if it rains | Wales Wedding Photographer

Relaxed registry office wedding in Wales




5 Top Tips for making the most of your elopement day if it rains | Wales Wedding Photography

North Wales Wedding Photographer | UK Elopement Photographer

5 top tips for making the most of your elopement day if it rains | Wales Wedding Photography

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