Pre-Wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales
4th June 2019

Pre-Wedding Shoot in the hills of North Wales

Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Shoot in the hills of North Wales

Considering they are my fittest couple to marry this year, things got off to a somewhat slow start for this pre-wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales. There’d been a road accident and so I had to go on a 45-minute diversion. While I normally enjoy spending a full sunset with my couple, by the time I finally got to our destination the sun was already pretty low down. Luckily, Steve & Claire were happy to wait for me and so we were able to spend some time together while talking about their exciting wedding plans and getting used to being comfortable in front of the camera.

They both enjoy the great outdoors and a massively active lifestyle. They chose a venue in the heart of Snowdonia as their wedding venue and I think it’s the perfect choice for them both! Can’t wait to see them again for what promises to be a fun wedding day in Snowdonia.

Pre-wedding shoot in the hills of North WalesPre-wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales    Pre-wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales  Pre-wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales     Pre-wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales         Pre-wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales          Pre-wedding shoot in the hills of North Wales            


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I’m a Cheshire, North Wales, Anglesey, Snowdonia & Shropshire Wedding Photographer based near Llangollen in North Wales. My style is natural, relaxed and emotive. Most couples that book me are laid-back and want their wedding photographer to fit in with their exciting plans without being bossy. If you like my work and would like to discuss how I can help with your wedding photographer you can contact me here.

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