18th July 2018

Newborough Beach Engagement Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding Shoot Newborough Beach Engagement Photography

Andy & Amy are getting married in August and first met on a canoe instructors’ course. I asked them if they fancied meeting on Anglesey for their Newborough Beach Engagement Photography Shoot and they loved the idea. So here we are hitting the beach just before an absolutely stunning sunset, getting to know each other and making some beautiful photos in the glorious Welsh sunshine!

Both Andy & Amy were great to hang out with and didn’t seem to mind following any of my sometimes weird prompts. (Hey. let’s just go and kick up some dust on that road over there. Will make for a mint picture, I promise…..). We arrived on Anglesey a couple of hours before sunset and just headed out for a really long & relaxing walk in the forest and on the beach. What a beautiful evening! We explored the beach, then watched the sunset together. Magical!

It’s easy to see why Andy & Amy are made for each other. It was lovely to watch them together and document the strong love they have for one another. After hanging out on the beach for quite some time, we decided to have a little dip in the water and take some photos in the sea with some beautiful little waves coming in. It was absolutely incredible!

I will photograph Andy & Amy again in August when they get married just outside of Oswestry. I can’t wait! After spending some quality time with them on Newborough Beach they already feel like old friends!

We finished the evening well after sunset assisting the drivers of a stranded car on the car park to get back on the road before heading home ourselves. A massively enjoyable shoot on Anglesey with Andy & Amy! Here are some of my favourites from their Anglesey engagement shoot


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