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Christmas is coming and our thoughts are turning to what meaningful gift to give our loved ones. Having experienced a massive and very sad loss in our own family this year, as a Llangollen Family Photographer I now fully appreciate the importance of creating treasured heirlooms.

Family photos are some of the most important photos to us  yet we often only realise their importance when it’s too late. 

They document growth

Scrolling through Facebook one of the most repetitive comments I see, especially from young mums, is that they think their babies are growing up way too fast. Kiddies only stay small for a relatively short period of time and it’s so easy to almost forget what they looked like when they were younger. While I’m not a baby photographer or mum myself, I started taking pictures of some of my nephews and nieces on an annual basis and it’s definitely something I’m keen to keep up. Not only does it give me, the family photographer, a chance to look at my own professional growth over the course of a full year but it also enables us to document the way our family grows year on year with the addition of new loved ones. It’s also nice to look back and realise just how much the younger ones have physically grown in the course of a single year.

Life happens, whether we want it to or not

Sometimes unexpected things do happen and loved family members may pass on. Most family members cringe at the thought of having their picture taken but if you’ve lost a loved one you gotta ask yourself: would you care if your bum looked big or your nose wasn’t your best feature if you could have just ONE more picture with your loved one? I bet you (a million pounds!) you really wouldn’t. So have faith and run with it x

Mini Adventure Sessions

I try to turn my Family Sessions into a mini adventure for your kids so that they have fun while making memories. I only shoot outdoors and therefore my sessions are super dependent on the weather. As your Llangollen Family Photographer I know LOTS and lots of beautiful secret spots and only shoot in great light.

Contact me if you’d like to see a sample family gallery and if you’d like to find out more about how to turn your own family adventure session into a treasured gift for your loved ones – parents & grandparents will love you forever!  

Llangollen Family Photographer


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