How to include your kids in your wedding day - elope to Wales with your children!

The 2024 Guide to Eloping with Your Kids in Wales

If you want to include your children in your wedding day – here’s how:

As an elopement photographer and planner based in glorious Wales, I know that one of the main reasons why couples choose to elope is that they want to have a wedding day that 100% reflects who they are and what they love and for those who want to include their children in the ceremony and other fun activities on their wedding day – the emotional value plays a massive part.

Children always bring fun & joy to any wedding day but knowing that they can be truly themselves and play an important role in your ceremony will leave you feeling all warm & fuzzy inside. Allowed to be their authentic self, and encouraged to run around and be wild & free rather than sit uncharacteristally still for long periods of time, a family elopement in Wales enables you to make memories as a family that you’ll all treasure for years to come. Just imagine getting married with your kids and exchanging your vows or having a handfasting ceremony in a super pretty and romantic location; your kids’  laughter echoing through a forest or across the sea. Or seeing the pure excitement in their cute little faces because they’re allowed to be fully present during your family wedding ceremony, jumping into the sea and dancing on the beach to celebrate with you afterwards – these are the golden nugget moments that truly matter.

How to include your kids in your wedding day - elope to Wales with your children
Family Elopement Photography Wales | Wales Elopement Photographer

3 Great reasons why eloping with your kids in Wales is a brilliant idea and how to include them in your wedding day:

1. You are making lasting family memories.

Including your kids in your wedding day or eloping with your kids in Wales turns a special occasion into a cherished family experience as it allows you to bond as a family, fully involve your kids in the celebration and go on a mini wedding day adventurer together.

2. Your wedding day will be totally stress-free and intimate.

Simplified Planning: Elopements are typically easier to plan than traditional weddings, allowing you to focus on what truly matters and gets you excited – your family!

It’s an intimate Experience: A smaller, more personal ceremony allows you to connect deeply with your partner and children without the distractions and anxiety of hosting a larger event.

Natural Beauty: The stunning scenery of Wales—from mountains and coastlines to historic castles—provides a breathtaking backdrop! There’ll be no need for elaborate decorations to making the day feel magical – good for the environment and even better for the soul!

3. Breathtakingly beautiful and memorable setting.

Wales has a wide range of beautiful locations, from the rugged landscapes of Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park to the serene beaches of Pembrokeshire. Each location offers a unique atmosphere that can make your elopement feel like a real-life fairy tale. Wales is also known for its welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, ensuring that everyone, including the kids, feels comfortable and engaged throughout the celebration.

Eloping with your kids in Wales combines the beauty of nature, the simplicity of intimate ceremonies, and the joy of shared family experiences, making it a brilliant choice for your special day, especially for those of you who are wondering how to include your kids in your wedding day.

How to involve your kids in your wedding day - elope to Wales with your children!
How to include your kids in your wedding day - elope to Wales with your children!
How to include your kids in your wedding day - elope to Wales with your children!

Managing Wedding Day Stress with Children

Parents often worry about their wedding day being potentially stressful and anxiety-inducing, especially when there are children involved. But let me tell you, children have an incredible ability to provide comfort and calm; their natural playfulness and joy can get rid of some unwanted tension and make the day even more special. Just imagine how much fun you could have exploring a new location together, or turning a simple wedding day walk into a mini adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

Practical Tips for Eloping with Children

If the idea of leaving your kids behind on your wedding day feels unsettling to you, you may want to consider the benefits of eloping with them. Traditional weddings can sometimes be expensive, stressful, restrictive and don’t often allow children to be fully present or to express themselves freely. Eloping, on the other hand, offers a flexible and intimate alternative that fully accommodates the needs and personalities of each of your children.

To find out how to include your kids in your wedding day and how you as parents can easily navigate this wholesome & joyous experience, I have put together this 2024 Guide to Eloping with Your Kids in Wales. This guide is designed to support couples just like you in planning a wedding day that celebrates not only your love as a couple but also your bond as a family. It covers everything from selecting kid-friendly venues/locations to incorporating fun activities that keep children engaged and happy throughout the day. By choosing to include your children in your elopement, you create a day that is truly reflective of your family’s love and unity. It transforms your wedding day into a meaningful celebration that honours every member of your family (also have a dog? Get them involved too! Here’s how: (dog link)), ensuring that the memories you create are as joyful and unforgettable as the journey you are embarking on together.

How to include your kids in your wedding day - elope to Wales with your children!

Here are my top tips for how to include your kids in your elopement wedding day in Wales:

Pre-Elopement Planning

  1. Involve them in the planning: Let your children be part of the decision-making process. This can include choosing the location, playing a part in your ceremony, helping you make the rings, deciding on their outfits, or picking out flowers.
  2. Explain the meaning: Make sure they fully understand what eloping actually means and why you chose to do it. This helps them feel included and valued.
  3. Choose kid-friendly locations & venues: Wales offers a variety of beautiful and kid-friendly elopement venues, suitable for both legal and/or symbolic ceremonies that can include a handfasting element that everybody can get involved in. Consider places with outdoor space like castles, beaches, or national parks so that your kids can explore and play.

During the Elopement

  1. Special roles: Assign them special roles such as ring bearer, flower girl, or even a junior officiant or ask them to write a little poem for you so that they feel important and engaged.
  2. Personal vows: If they are old enough, allow them to say a few words or do a short reading during the ceremony.
  3. Family Activities: Plan fun activities before or after the ceremony, like a picnic, a boat ride, or a visit to a local attraction to keep the day enjoyable and memorable for them.

Post-Elopement Celebration

  1. Family Photos: Capture the day with a super chill & fun professional local photographer who can take candid shots of the whole family and document your whole day in a story-telling way to create beautiful memories that you can all look back on with big smiles on your faces for years to come.
  2. Keepsakes: Create a memory box with items from the day, like a piece of their outfit, a pressed flower from the bouquet, or photos. Let your kids contribute to this box as well – I’m always truly in awe by just how creative your littles ones can be!
  3. Celebrate Together: Have a small family celebration with cake and treats – you can even all dance together on the beach to your favourite tunes or sing your favourite songs.

What your Family Elopement Itinerary with a ceremony in Wales could look like:

  • Morning: Start the day with a hearty family breakfast at a local café, your accommodation or any other location you fancy. It’s a special day so anything’s allowed to make the morning of your family elopement super fun and special – how about heading to a pancake house or crepery, making waffels together or even going out for early pizza!
  • Mid-Morning: Head to the local registry office/your small elopement venue if you’re having a legal ceremony or a stunning location in Eryri (Snowdonia) or on Anglesey for the ceremony. Happy to suggest a few of my faves that will take your breath away and getting there could be a mini family adventure you won’t ever forget!
  • Ceremony: Keep the ceremony setup simple & include your kids, give them roles and allow them to share a few words. They always bring a fun element and you’re never quite sure what they’re going to say which is half the fun, right?! If it’s a legal ceremony this bit probably won’t take longer than 15/20 minutes; slightly longer if you decide to do the legal bit earlier/on a different day and opt for a symbolic ceremony involving a celebrant or humanist. I’m happy to suggest super romantic legal venue/location combos and/or my favourite celebrants so you don’t need to worry about where to even start!
  • Afternoon: Pack a post-ceremony picnic and a few games and take it to a beautiful beach or mountain nearby for fun and games with the fam in the sun. If it rains (spoiler alert – this is Wales and sometimes it rains…) activate Plan B and do a fun indoor activity like indoor trampolining or exploring an underground mine instead.
  • Evening: Have a family dinner at a child-friendly restaurant or order in everyone’s favourite take-away for a cozy family dinner back at your accommodation with special treats and cake – star gazing in the outdoor hot tub with marshmallows and hot chocolate totally optional!

Some more top tips for a smooth family elopement day

  • Choose kid-friendly locations: Choose locations that are safe and enjoyable with open spaces where they can play, such as beaches, lakes, parks, or gardens.
  • Prepare a Bag: Have a bag ready with snacks, water, toys, and any comfort items your kids might need throughout the day. You may also include outfits to get changed into if they spontaneously decide to jump into the sea/any puddles/whatever else looks like messy fun. There’s something pretty smug about knowing no matter what they’ll throw at you – it’s not going to be a disaster as you’re truly prepared for the worst!
  • Hire a Helper: Consider hiring a babysitter or asking a family friend to help with the kids during certain parts of the day so you can also have some time alone as a couple. You could enlist the help of grandparents (who also make great witnesses if you do decide to elope to Wales legally) who no doubt would love to get involved! Doesn’t mean you need to spend all day together – spend as much (or as litte) time with them as you like.
  • Stay Flexible: Be prepared to adjust the schedule as needed based on your kids’ moods and energy levels. Having a really rigid timeline (like you would for a bigger, more traditional wedding) probably wouldn’t work – trust the process and fully immerse yourselves in whatever is going to happen, I promise you’ll have the BEST day!
How to include your kids in your wedding day - elope to Wales with your childre!

The importance of hiring a child-friendly wedding photographer with local knowledge for your elopement in Wales

I’m super passionate about giving couples and young families a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience here in Wales and I fully appreciate the importance of making sure your wedding day is as enjoyable to the younger members of your family as it is to you.

I have the patience of a saint :) I’ve learnt to just let them BE kids and make them feel comfortable and relaxed so that we can capture genuine smiles and candid moments – nobody needs to look at the lady and fake anything here.

I know the best locations that are perfect (and safe) for letting your little rascals roam around freely – secluded beaches, scenic lakes, and hidden little gems. I also know the best times of day for natural lighting at different locations and I’m used to dodging the rain and understanding the local weather patterns. But I can’t control the weather unfortunately so sometimes we just have to get on and enjoy whatever the Universe throws at us and so far that’s always been totally fine!

But best of all – you can rest assued that you’ll all have a once-in-a-lifetime and totally stress-free experience.

Does all this sound like a bit of you? Then let’s start your Welsh Elopement experience right here!

Are you now finding yourself dreaming of running away to Wales for a once-in-a-lifetime elopement experience here after wondering how to include your kids in your wedding day? Whether you’re enchanted by the rugged coastlines of Pembrokeshire, the mystical charm of the Llyn Peninsula, or the serene beauty of the Vale of Llangollen, I’m here to make your dream a reality.

I’m a UK elopement photographer based in the Berwyn Range and specialise in crafting bespoke elopement experiences that are as unique as your very own love story. With my deep knowledge of some of Wales’ most stunning locations and my passion for offering you a very personal experience and not just a bunch of random photographs from your wedding day, I want to make sure that every detail of your special day is handled with care and professionalism.

If you’d love to go on a once-in-a-lifetime wedding adventure with me – simply contact me today and you could be planning the elopement of your dreams in almost no time at all.

Your dreamy Welsh Family Elopement awaits!

I’m an experienced and professional North Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer based not far from Llangollen in the Clywdian Range. I photograph weddings, elopements, vow renewals, anniversaries and proposals in the local area and further afield, throughout Wales and the whole of the UK.  I specialise in photographing raw & natural moments – perfect for destination wedding & elopement photography in Eryri (Snowdonia).


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