1st October 2019

How to elope anywhere in the UK


Snowdonia Elopements

I bet most people who think of eloping think of Gretna Green or a lonely bride and groom with 2 random witnesses in the local register office. That’s one way to do it but there are so many other options out there now! Elopements and humanist ceremonies are on the up. Nowadays, couples are thinking outside the box and want to enjoy their day wherever they like. If you’re currently planning your own wedding adventure – here are my top tips on how to elope anywhere in the UK.

At this moment in time, if you want to elope in England & Wales, you still need to take care of the legal side first in a register office or licensed venue. But – and this is a big but! – the law could soon change!

Llyn Gwynant Wedding PhotographerDoes that mean I can have an elopement ceremony anywhere I like in the UK?

Yesssss!!! If you want to pick an epic location and exchange your vows at the foot of a beautiful mountain in Snowdonia, on a beach on Anglesey or in your mum & dad’s garden in Cornwall, you totally can!

A humanist, or non-religious, wedding ceremony offers the opportunity to marry wherever and however you want to. This makes the whole occasion much more flexible and so much more personal! And, this is perfect for couples who want to elope or get married outdoors at a remote location that isn’t currently licensed. 

Just remember to bring enough brollies if a remote Welsh elopement ceremony is what you’re after…

Barmouth Wedding PhotographerHumanist Elopement Ceremony in Wales

Every humanist elopement ceremony is unique and created just for you with the help of a celebrant. Humanist Celebrants like my lovely friend Sophie, previously also known as officiants, are the ones that write up and conduct your ceremony. They will work with you to show you exactly how you could include words about love and commitment from a non-religious perspective and also how to write up your very own love story – how and where you met, what marriage means to you and so on.

Ian & Magda's Welsh Elopement in SnowdoniaSymbolic Elopement Practices

There are many other symbolic practices besides the exchange of rings to symbolise your unity. You could try a sand ceremony for instance. Each person pours a small container of sand (often two different colours) into a larger vessel to symbolise their coming together as a couple. This could be particularly meaningful if you’re having a beach ceremony or want to use sand from a hometown or favourite holiday spot.

For the actual elopement it could just be the two of you (how romantic!?) or you could take as many (or few!) members of your family and friends as you like. 

Snowdonia Wedding PhotographerWhat budget should I set aside for an elopement in the UK?

As a general guide, eloping could save you A TON of money! Elopement fees in the UK are around £650 but celebrants’ fees do vary depending on your location and what type of elopement you have in mind. It is well worth contacting www.humanism.org.uk to find out more. If you wanted to get married at the foot of Snowdon here in Wales it could be a super intimate ceremony with just the two of you. Add your own mini adventure and spend your first night in a hideaway in the hills – it really doesn’t get more romantic than that!!!

Max & Sam's Anglo-American Llyn Gwynant weddingPlanning your elopement anywhere in the UK needn’t be daunting or difficult but it does take a little planning and some preparations so here are some practical tips:

What you need to know to plan your UK elopement

The obvious one first. You need to get legally married.

Then the exciting bits!

The perfect location. The choice is yours and the world really is your oyster! If you want to surround yourself with the charming ruggedness of North Wales to celebrate your love – brilliant! 

What to wear. Treat yourself! Go all out and pick one of the most beautiful wedding dresses in the world! Or keep it low key and make it all about the love. Just do you!

Llyn Gwynant pre-wedding mini adventureElopement Photography. Absolutely! The right photographer for you (me!!!! obvs haha) will offer hourly rates and if they love LOVE and the great outdoors just as much as I do – they will work hard to give you beautiful images so that you can relive your super romantic elopement whenever you look at them.

Celebrate! Bring your squad with you and party hard or enjoy dinner for two in a restaurant. The choice is yours.  

UK Elopements

If you’re thinking of planning an elopement in Wales and would like a photographer to get involved – I’m happy to help and will be adding elopement packages in Snowdonia to my services from 2020 so do get in touch!

Babs xox

I am a Wedding Photographer based in North Wales. My style is natural & relaxed. Most couples that book me don’t sweat the small stuff and love the great outdoors and super scenic venues anywhere in the UK. 

To see more of my work visit www.babsboardwellweddings.co.uk or get emailing straight away and send me a message at [email protected], can’t wait to hear from you!

Snowdonia Elopement

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