Postponed Wedding Day Celebrations

My heart breaks for all the couples whose weddings were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. To spend countless hours planning your perfect day, finding the right suppliers and counting the days until you can say your I Do’s only to have it suddenly taken away from you with the Government announcing that all social gatherings, including weddings, had to stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having to re-plan your perfect day, trying to work out which alternative date is now the right one for you and even losing some of your lovely & trusted suppliers along the way as they struggle to accommodate so many date changes can be stressful. There’s a high level of uncertainty involved as we all try to come to terms with restrictions and when we can return to some form of normality. 

Rather than letting the current situation making me feel like a prisoner, I’d like to refer to the newly imposed period of #stayhomestaysafe as a home retreat. And yes, it’s a total bummer that wedding days are being postponed but don’t let this consume you with angst, frustration & regret! 

Make the most of your home retreat instead and plan something a little special for what should have been your wedding day. Keep those hopes & dreams alive until it’s time for your new day! Here are some things you could do to celebrate your postponed wedding day.

Allow yourself to mourn the loss of your day!

You have spent a considerable amount of time & effort to prepare for what is actually a very significant change in your life and to not have any control whatsoever over what is happening is quite a frustrating and unpleasant experience. Don’t beat yourself up over it but do allow yourself a little time to mourn the loss of your day. To deal with your disappointment, you could spend a couple of minutes writing down how you are feeling or what you will miss/regret about your lost day then share a moment as a couple burying or burning that list as an act of release or acceptance. My own husband would probably turn this into a big fat joke so don’t feel this needs to be morbid or serious – it could  just be a symbolic moment leaving you with an emotionally clear slate.   

Cook the food you were going to have on your big day!

You obviously love it or you wouldn’t have put it on your menu! Try to recreate whatever you can with whatever you have at home or can get hold of in your local shop. Don’t cook? No problem – find a local delivery service! Then sit back, relax, enjoy your food and daydream about how much better it’s going to taste on your actual wedding day! 

How to celebrate your postponed wedding day

Let there be cake!

Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of cutting the cake pictures (I just think there are more memorable moments to document on a wedding day haha). But baking a cake together, then taking your own mock cutting the cake pics definitely seems like a fun thing to do in lockdown :)

Beech Hill Hotel Windermere Wedding Photography

Have a home retreat hand fasting ceremony

Originally a sign of betrothal with the intention to wed in the future, hand- fasting is a simple way to add symbolism and personalisation to mark your lost day. While your hands are bound, you can recite words that symbolise the binding together of your separate lives and the commitment you’re making together. Chose to bind with one hand each or two. For one hand, just stand side-by-side and hold out your arms together. For two hands, stand face-to-face and clasp each other by the hands (or wrists). Then just tie your hands together – this is exactly where the phrase tying the knot originates from!

Have an online celebration!

With social distancing putting a stop to gatherings, video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or apps like FaceTime make it super easy to stay in touch now! The ever so thoughtful friends & families of one of my couples due to get married on the 28th March threw them a surprise party by streaming into their home via the internet and it brought them so much joy! Just imagine the lovely stories they’ll be able to share from their lost wedding day on their new one!

And this, boys & girls, is how to celebrate your postponed wedding day. We have no idea how long we will have to wait until wedding season returns but marking your postponed wedding day may help you deal with the disappointment and help you focus on what lies ahead so #stayhomestaysafe guys, get excited about the future and get creative on your lost wedding day!