Imagine heading to Mynydd Graig Goch in the snow for your couple photography session – just HOW much fun would that be!? Filling your lungs with fresh air on a gentle stroll up a Welsh mountain peak while enjoying the frost and snow – is there anything more magical than that!

This adorable couple photoshoot started with us driving into the mountains to create some magic in the snow. We’d walked for a couple of miles before we found a spot that was picture perfect for a fun couple adventure session. Watching these two lovebirds run through the snow on a beautiful afternoon in our glorious Welsh hills was not only fun but also quite romantic to be honest! Also – if you want to borrow one of my doggies to race up a hill against, be my guest! :)

Adventure photography sessions are fun experiences; they let us create magical moments in a carefree and relaxed environment that you can treasure FOREVER! Running in the snow, watching the sunset on Anglesey, or splashing in the Menai Strait – what you do on your adventure couple session is entirely up to you!  

Book an adventure photography session in the UK for your anniversary or to celebrate your engagement. Adventure couple sessions at sunset in the summer are beautiful but feel free to book one in the Winter, too – simply because you want a fun couple session in the snow!  

Contact me if you fancy your own unique mini-adventure in Snowdonia! Exploring epic off-the-beaten-path locations and photographing you & your wild love for one another – beautiful memories you can treasure FOREVER!

Adventure Session Photographer in North Wales
fun adventure couple session in the snow
North Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer
fun couple session in the snow
Wedding & Elopement Photographer in North Wales
Adventure Couple Photography Session Snowdonia
fun couple session in the snow
North Wales Wedding & Elopement Photographer

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