Cwm Idwal Engagement Shoot
23rd August 2018

Cwm Idwal Engagement Shoot

Pre-Wedding Photography

Cwm Idwal Engagement Shoot

If you’re a Snowdonia Wedding Photographer there aren’t many things higher on your picture goal list than taking your couple there for their Cwm IdwaEngagement Shoot.Earlier in the year we photographed this Snowdonia engagement session and I was definitely looking forward to going back!

Snowdonia Wedding Photographer

I met Sammy & Shane at the Ogwen Partnership Centre just before sunset one Friday evening before taking a leisurely stroll around Cwm Idwal and to the lake. Like most couples, Sammy & Shane pointed out that they are not comfortable in front of the camera. I wanted them to relax a little so we just walked, talked, stopped, looked at things and laughed. Easy peasy. Pre-wedding adventure shoots needn’t be scary or awkward (read my Pre-wedding Shoot Tips and Advice here) and it didn’t take long for them both to relax.

I don’t think Shane was too keen on the cows (but he agreed to hang out with them anyway, trooper!) and because we’ve had a super summer here in Wales we didn’t need to worry about the rain for once, bonus! We haven’t had much rain this year either so water levels were pretty low at the glacier lake. I asked them both to walk onto some small rocks and just to look around and admire the spectacular landscape. Considering they thought it was going to be so awkward I think they did pretty well – Shane even managed to get his posing face on towards the end 😉 We finished the shoot with a gentle stroll along the pebbled *beach*. And just because we can we stayed on in the camper and spent the remainder of the weekend in Snowdonia, happy days!

I’m definitely looking forward to being their North Wales Wedding Photographer at The Wild Pheasant Hotel & Spa in beautiful Llangollen in September xoxo

Cwm Idwal Engagement Shoot

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