North Wales Maternity Photographer

There’s something oh so magical about maternity photography in North Wales and just to prove it – here are 5 good reasons why you should definitely book a maternity session! It’s just mindblowing to think that a woman’s body is capable of creating and carrying a whole new human being, right!? How can we not admire & treasure it!?   

North Wales Maternity Photography

Why you should book a maternity session

#1 You look beautiful!!

On the inside, maybe you feel terrible, nauseous, bloated & sore but on the outside, you look glowy & beautiful! A skilled maternity photographer can easily bring out the glowing beauty of pregnancy and you may well find yourself fully enjoying your sess!

North Wales Maternity Photographer
North Wales Maternity Photography

#2 It doesn’t have to be awkward!

Some mums-to-be aren’t that keen on having a maternity session. That’s totally fine! Some are camera-shy. Others have preconceived ideas that aren’t actually true so this might come as a bit of a shocker to you but you really don’t have to get naked haha I mean – you can if you want to!!! But it’s definitely not a must. Just wear whatever you like. Hitch up your top, wear Jeans, a dress, your flesh – you’ll look amazing in whatever you’ll end up wearing!

pregnant woman in black off the shoulder dress on a river bank
mum-to-be wearing a white dress in the hills at sunset by North Wales Maternity Photographer

#3 It’s fun!

If you choose a photographer that has a particular style you love – you’ll have a great time! Pick someone you really feel comfortable around and you can have a laugh with on the day. Let them guide you – they should know what works best to make their creative vision come alive and make you look like the goddess you are! Amazing sunsets optional.

pregnant woman holding the hem of her with dress during sunset by North Wales Maternity Photographer

#4 You’ll love looking back at them!

Trust me on this one – you’ll have a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy and a big smile on your face whenever you look at your maternity photos!! And who knows – you may even feel broody again ;)

North Wales Maternity Photographer

#3 It’s probably not as expensive as you think

Mini sessions start at £85 and even include 1 beautiful framed 8×10 print.

North Wales Maternity Photographer

So there we have it – 5 really good reasons to book a maternity photography session in North Wales. Get in touch via the button below to book yours, can’t wait to meet you! Head over here to view Roberta & Rytis’ beautiful maternity session in Snowdonia!

pregnant woman in a black dress during her maternity session
North Wales Maternity Photography
North Wales Maternity Photography

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